Saturday, July 12, 2014

One Earth

A scene from Morocco where we order several products from
I've been a terrible blogger lately! Absolutely terrible. What, have I posted like once every 2 weeks? Yikes... I could make up some excuses but I'm mostly just lazy & uninspired lately. Same story for the past year. I've also been watching a lot of Orange is the New Black. Oh, and I started a new business.

I'm an independent consultant for One Earth now & am really excited about the products I'm selling. One Earth is a small Canadian company that sells ethical, handmade products made by artisans in developing countries. We sell spa products, shoes, scarves, jewelry, tea and more. And these products are seriously gorgeous!

One of the products I'm excited about is the Moroccan argan oil. It's great for both your skin & hair - for fine lines, wrinkles, hydration, split ends, etc, etc, etc! We sell it infused with essential oils (like lavender to help you sleep), in a bar of soap or you can mix the oil with our clay for an awesome mud mask.

Our argan oil is produced by a women's coop in Morocco

And the purses are to die for! Beautiful, soft leather that is organically tanned & naturally dyed. The best part of buying leather from Morocco is that animals aren't harvested just for their skin. Unlike the leather products produced closer to home, every piece of the animal is used and a prayer of sacrifice in thanks.

See the Earth Satchel... to die for!

Take a look at our catalogs & let me know if you'd like to host a "party" (I mean that in an online sense)! Gather orders from your friends, family & coworkers and reap the hostess benefits! If your party sells as little as $201, you get 10% of sales in free products + 1 half-priced item; the benefits only get sweeter the more sales you have at your party.

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