Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Too many hobbies

I have way too many hobbies.

I'm the queen of starting something new & then abandoning it in favour of something else new once the novelty has worn off. Seriously a terrible habit to have. It means I've never really gotten good at anything. I'm pretty mediocre at a lot of things, but would rather be awesome at something. I guess the one good thing about me is that I rarely get bored. Since I'm a total home-body, it's necessary to have hobbies.

All the books I've got on the go right now

Reading - My first love. I'll never betray it. I may be a slow-as-molasses reader but that doesn't deter me.

I'm knitting one of these sleep sacks & a tiny matching hat for an SPCA silent auction
Knitting - My best hobby. This is the one I've become the most skilled at & one that I always go back to.

I wish this was mine (photo credit)
Gardening - My newest thang. I've always loved watching plants grow & caring for them (I'm a nurturer... it's amazing that I don't want kids, really). I love it. I get so much satisfaction out of watching how huge my hostas are getting, and I just freaked out when I saw 2 tiny strawberries on my plant.

Someday... (photo credit)

Camping - If I could go camping every weekend in the summer, I would. Luckily, camping allows me to combine a few of my loves. What better to do than read & knit in the sun.

Candy Crush
Collecting cats
Endless hrs of Netflix

Blogging - Oh yeah... blogging... This is the hobby that I was once really keen on & have let totally fall by the wayside.

Anyone else out there like me?

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