Thursday, July 3, 2014

What you need for an awesome camping trip

Scene from a tiny town called Salvage close to where we were camping.

In celebration of Canada Day (or, rather, a long week), Steve & I headed out of the city into the woods... to a campground where strangers sleep 3 meters away from you. And it was awesome. Tuesday was the holiday so we took Monday off work so that we'd have a solid 4-day trip which was the top thing to do on my 29 in 29 list.

The trip was so good - comfortable & enjoyable - in comparison to camping trips I've taken in the past that we would've stay another week given the chance. In my younger days, I just threw a few things in a bag and went. Silly me... I didn't understand the value of an air mattress or good food. I was a snob back then; I thought air mattresses & clean dishes were for the weak. They are not. They are smart. This trip, I was able to move when I woke up in the morning & sleep past 6pm... 'magine that.

So, now that I'm a grown-up, I'm here to share my camping wisdom. These are my camping must-haves.

1. Game time - Do not go camping without games. Just don't. Steve & I started out with a little Yahtzee & then he got sooky because I beat his ass three times in a row. Then our friends arrived a couple days later with Farkle, the best game in the land. I wish I was playing right now!

2. Something pretty to look at - Heyo! Look what we found! We took a little drive to get some ice in a community about 10 minutes away from the campground and got a glimpse of the tip of one of these bad boys. So, we kept driving & driving and came across an incredibly tiny, totally Newfoundland town with a beautiful view of these berg twins. That was definitely a highlight.

3. This breakfast - I will never go camping without this breakfast. Never ever ever. Homemade Egg McMuffins. How to do it? First, you should bake a few potatoes the night before you go on your trip. Then, in the morning, cut them up & throw them in a pan with some butter to fry. At the same time, throw on some bacon (maple bacon, preferably). While that's cooking, beat up a couple of eggs in whatever clean container you can find. Wait till the tates & bacon are almost done & then start cooking your omelet. You can make scrambled eggs in the pan if you want but I like the omelet because it's just one big piece that I cut in half for our two sandwiches. Finally, cut up a couple of English muffins, butter one side and lightly toast them on a pan for the last few minutes. Kraft Singles are also necessary. I put them on the muffin to melt while still in the pan. And, voila! The perfect b'fast to keep you going till you start eating chips & hot dogs again.

4. Clean & organized stuff - I foolishly used to underestimate the power of having an awesome campsite. A table cloth, dish washing station & canvas closet organizer did the trick. I hung a shoe organizer from a tree to put my roll of shit tickets & crib board in. (Thank you, Pinterest.) And my dollar store dish tub was... awesommmeee! Yes, I am approaching thirty.

5. A helpful little friend - What is a camping trip without a furry friend? This is our friend's gorgeous little guy, Henry, who likes to lop up spilled Guiness for us. Thanks, Henny boy! (Note: Before Henry came along to provide entertainment & kisses, we would make it a practice to befriend chipmunks.)

And that's what you need for a wicked camping trip. Oh, and the longer the trip the better! 4 days was awesome. I wish I could do 6 or 7!



Nancy Man said...

Games are a great idea! I've only been camping a few times, but I never brought any games along. We're going again in a few weeks and I'm going to find some games to bring this time around (if there's space in the car). At the very least I'll throw in a deck of cards. Thanks for the idea!

Barb Marshall said...

Those egg mcmuffins of yours are making me hungry! So many beautiful places to go camping in our beautiful country Canada. Visiting you via SITSShareFest Saturday linkup

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